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  1. Huggies Natural Care
  2. Pampers Sensitive
  3. Kirkland's
  4. Pampers Soft Care
  5. Seventh Generation
  6. Huggies Soft Skin
  7. Luvs
  8. Pampers Thick Care
  9. Earth's Best
  10. Bambino
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Huggies Natural Care- With a well known name like Huggies, you are sure to be getting a good product. These extra moist wipes contain Vitamin E and aloe vera to help sooth skin before it gets irritated. Huggies wipes are a bit thicker and hold more traction while cleaning- a plus for many moms. The biggest complaint is that these are not as "Natural" as the name makes it seem. Still, this is a great product with a cheaper price tag than many options.

Pampers Sensitive Care- Soft, smooth, and great for preventing rashes on a child's skin, these wipes have helped many families for many years. Pampers wipes provide an ultra moist, soft towel and the sensitive wipes have this same texture. Moms either love them or hate them. Given the number of moms who put it on our survey, it seems that the pro corner is much larger than those who have problems with them.

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Kirkland's- Yes, moms do have preferences when it come to wipes, and overwhelmingly, those who have tried the Kirtland's wipes, love them the best. They are made of Tencel and just feel different. They aren't as moist, but do an excellent job with clean ups. So much so, that many moms report still carrying a pack with them well beyond their child's diaper years. At one of the most affordable prices as well, it is definitely worth a try!

Pampers Soft Care- Pampers wipes tend to be softer and not as rough. This is a positive for some moms, but for others, they feel that it becomes almost too slippery to clean. Still, they are very durable and do not cause rashes for a baby without skin conditions. Many moms also liked the scent of these wipes.

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Seventh Generation- Seventh generation has developed a household name for providing pure, natural products, and their wipes are no exception. Made without added chemicals, they clean and soften skin with natural ingredients. Most moms love these wipes, but those who did not really had major issues with them. Included on their list of complaints was that they were smaller than most wipes- which can lead to dirty hands after a change- an offensive odor not exactly the promised scent free.

Huggies Soft Skin- Wipes with shea butter to help moisturize this dry skin area? Perfect! Once again, the thicker Huggies wipes are popular with moms, and the quality of these wipes seems to be better for kids with dry or sensitive skin. The odor is a mixed bag. Some moms love the scent while others think that it's the biggest problem. Also, some moms said that the wipes leave lint like pieces behind after clean-up.

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Luvs- Very popular with moms who have tried them, Luvs wipes are thick with the right amount of moisture to assist with clean up. The product advertises 'soft pillowy bumps' to ensure a thorough clean ups, and moms say that these bumps also make them a sturdier choice than others. If you're looking to try a new wipe, this may be the affordable fix you've been looking for.

Pampers Thick Care- These wipes advertise a "bath like clean" much like that of a washcloth. Many moms agree, and with older babies, a thicker surface is just what many moms ordered. Test these in a small package first as some moms did not like how dry and stiff the wipe felt. Most moms, however, felt like this was a great cleaning product.

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Earth's Best- Another line of wipes that boast a lack of chemicals. While not advertised to be biodegradable, these wipes do the job with natural vitamins, glycerin, and aloe vera- all good for taking care of skin and keeping it moist. These wipes tend to be thicker and quite moist- great for moms of older children. While some moms missed having a scent, most felt that the positives of this wipe outweighed any of the minor concerns.

Bambino- Yes, they are more expensive, but many oms feel you get what you pay for with these wipes. Made with 100% natural products including skin softening calendula, these wipes are also completely biodegradable. They are infused with a lavender scent- proven to be very calming. All in all, this is a great product for families and for our environment.

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