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First and foremost, it is important to be realistic in buying a crib. Because of the gaps, it is possible for a baby to get a foot or hand caught at some point- especially if they are mobile. However, it is not okay for a baby's head to fit between rails. This is not a problem with today's cribs, but is something to consider with an antique crib.
Sooner or later, your baby will be able to pull him/ herself up in a crib. Make sure you have the crib at the lowest point by this time so that it is harder for a baby to get out of the crib. At some point, your toddler will be able to climb out of the crib. With any luck, you will be on the far side of average, and your child will sleep in the crib until 2 years old- or longer!
Things to look for in shopping for a crib:
Sturdiness. Some cribs will sway after a few months or after they have been disassembled. Try pushing, pulling, and generally moving the crib around to make sure that its sturdiness is within your comfort level.
Convertible cribs. They will cost more, and they are not for everyone. If you are the type of person who changes paint colors, interior decorations, or furniture on a regular basis, don't spend money on a convertible. Those of us still using our childhood furniture, however, think the idea of a convertible crib is perfect. Before baby is born, you can be assured that he/she will have a bed to sleep in until college! Just make sure you buy all pieces and parts when you buy the crib in case the model gets discontinued.
Appearance. This is probably the thing that buyers rate as most important. You want the crib to look good and to be the foundation for the nursery you imagine. Go with that. I know very few moms who regret the crib they bought (and most moms regret most purchases!).
Safety. Generally, crib recalls seem to involve the products people are using in their cribs (nothing but a sleep sack PLEASE!), but the recent recall of drop down cribs has increased our awareness in the importance of ensuring you have a safe crib. These days, it seems buying used is a major risk as cribs that are even a couple of years old have had safety issues. Follow all recommendations for your crib, however, and you should be fine.

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